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Rock, Pop and Rock & Roll


After nearly 60 years of playing Drums, Guitar or Bass in well known bands, Alan formed his own band in 2007 in England to give his wife Angie and daughter Nicole band experience. The Alan Homent Band Project is only for members of the Homent Family. (Some Guys give their Girls a band of gold. Others give them a Band!).

At the moment the Band is in Germany where german-born Angie is spending sometime "in the Land of her Fathers" . We will however be returning to our adoring UK fans. WE DO NOT GIVE ANY PUBLIC CONCERTS IN GERMANY.

On a live Gig , Alan sings and plays Guitar and the Keyboards are played by Angie with vocals as required.

All other song tracks are recorded by the Band at a british Studio and used in sychronised playback. This ensures a high quality musical performance.

(c) The Alan Homent Band

Imformal Garden Party Gig with 268 people and 3 dogs. Nicole as guest on the Bass and Vocals.(4 hour Set)

(c) Alan Homent Band

Typical Pub Gig. (3 hour Set)

Our songs are written in the style of songs from the 50,s, 60,s and 70,s in the Gendres of Rock & Roll, Rock and Pop with just a dash of Country.

The Alan Homent Band is a non-commercial personal music educational project for its members.
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